The 12 Funniest Brands on Instagram You Should Be Following

Social media can be a fickle place. It’s tough to know what’s going to be a hit with your audience or what will attract new followers. One thing that seems to be quite popular and shared frequently is humor.

If you can use it strategically and tastefully, there’s a good chance these types of posts can really take you far. People love to share funny stuff, and humorous posts are often quick to go viral and helps brands boost their conversions.

To get some pointers, check out these 12 funny brands on Instagram.

1. The Honest Company

The Honest Company is a baby product brand that prides itself on, well, its honesty. Their products are good for the environment and ethically manufactured. Their approach to humor is simple.

Among adorable images of babies and their own products, The Honest Company Instagram feed is sprinkled with inspirational, funny and relatable sayings about parenthood and family. They even throw some inspirational quotes in for good measure. People identify with these sayings and respond favorably to the brand.

2. Taco Bell

Taco Bell takes a novel approach to their Instagram use, and it’s proven to work quite well. Their images are colorful and eye-catching, but may not strike you as humorous at first. It’s when you take a closer look and read the captions that you’re in for a belly laugh.

These one-liners are pithy and succinct, yet usually strike with humor that’s relevant to their audience. They go all out with creativity, even soliciting the participation of their followers at times. We can all learn a lot by examining Taco Bell’s clever use of captions.

3. Old Spice

Old Spice has sprinted its way to Instagram stardom and social media popularity in general with its hysterical new image. They’ve rebranded themselves in recent years with wildly beloved television commercials featuring Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa.

The brand has springboarded that popularity into their social media campaigns and is quite well-followed on Instagram. Their corny, yet quirky, edge is one that users have come to recognize and to  seek in droves.

Old Spice uses video, along with several of Instagram’s newest features, to prove they’re not afraid of innovation. Don’t be afraid to show your true, weird personality if it fits your brand image and audience.

4. Denny’s

Denny’s is the iconic family restaurant chain that’s been around for since the 1950’s. If their use of social media is any indication, they’re proving to be able to remain current through the decades. Check out their Instagram profile, and you’ll see innovative use of the platform’s reliance on sharp visuals. They use photoshop to create unusual imagery that makes you do a double-take.

The humor is usually an interplay between the clever graphic and witty caption to provide an experience their followers seem to love. Denny’s shows you can push the envelope just enough to remain relevant and tasteful, yet humorous to a wide audience.

5. Arby’s

Arby’s, the roast beef joint we all know and love, has had a social media turnaround of sorts. They’re showing how a brand can truly find and cater to its niche.

Check out their Instagram feed, and you’ll see image after image of unique art crafted out of paper to represent pop culture figures. Arby’s uses these creations to speak to a very specific audience in ways only they might understand, it’s proving to be incredibly well-received. They’re going for the “geek” crowd, those who are into anime, science fiction, video games and more.

And it’s working! These crowds eat it up, no pun intended, and they seem to love the inside jokes the brand is able to deliver. This just goes to show the ways in which brands must be ready to evolve to meet the needs of their audience.

6. Totino’s

You can see Totino’s humor before even viewing their content. Just check out their bio, where they list their name as “Pete Zaroll.” Get it? Pizza roll! That’s funny.

Totino’s claim to social media fame is actually their meme game. They pay attention to what’s trending with regard to the latest meme and then incorporate their own version of the trends. The results are hilarious and loved by many.

7. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is the afford, quality razor club that everyone seems to be raving about lately. Not only do they offer a popular service, their social media presence is pretty likable, too. They stick to their brand and have developed a voice that’s easily identifiable. Much of their humor is corny or revolves around puns.

They stick with a comic theme related to grooming, with an acceptable smidge of bathroom humor thrown in for good measure. Sometimes you should just go with what you know, rather than trying to be hip and trendy.

8. JetBlue

JetBlue has developed a consistent Instagram following with their tried and true clever approach to humor. Their signature move is to use simple graphics and infographics infused with subtle humor to hook their audience, while delivering consistent and useful sales information.

It’s quite genius, really. You might also enjoy the beautiful travel photography they feature.

9. MTV

MTV is a classic when it comes to pioneering visual spaces. It should come as no surprise that they’d be great on social media. Their visual branding is young and vibrant, with funny memes thrown in for good measure.

The brand definitely gears its humor toward a specific, modern audience. They speak to their core demographic, which is a golden rule of digital marketing.

10. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a beer brand that’s long been loved for its affordability. The brand knows its strength and embraces it. You can definitely see this in their approach to humor, and it’s fabulous.

Pabst embraces their followers, which these days seem to be hipsters who love cheap beer. They cater to this group with the images they choose of concerts, nightlife and young people, along with some goofy gags showcasing cans of their beer.

11. Skittles

Skittles definitely shows their personality with their Instagram presence. The candy brand’s approach to humor is zany and silly, totally appropriate for its youthful demographic.

Most of their content features actual photos of their candy being used in some dramatic or unique way. So it’s not all about the middle school humor. There is some real thought and ingenuity throw in, as well.

12. Oreo

Oreo has gained a reputation of being on top of current events and addressing them head on. Sometimes they do this with a serious or inspirational perspective, when the occasion calls for such.

But there are other circumstances where you can count on the cookie giant to come through with something hilarious. In addition to current events, Oreo is up on their pop culture. Look for graphics featuring the most relevant trends, with their iconic cookies displayed in prominent, unexpected ways.

There you have it. These are a dozen brands that each have a unique approach to humor that their Instagram fans flock to. See which of their lessons you can incorporate into your brand’s identity.

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