8 Tips for Writing the Perfect Instagram Bio

Building a presence on Instagram takes a lot of time and dedication. It also requires a great deal of strategy. Everything from the types of photos you create to the time of day you post them makes a difference.

There are ways to get a jumpstart on developing a successful account, but knowing and implementing proven strategies will help you reach your online marketing goals.

1. Visually Identify Yourself

Consistent branding is important across social media. Branding is the way in which your followers identify you. It’s comprised of a number of components that portray your message and who you are.

Visual branding is achieved through numerous design strategies, from your logo to the stylistic theme of your photos. Try to incorporate visual elements into your bio so that it is instantly recognizable. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use your company logo as your profile picture.

A logo is a visual representation of your brand and can be used in many ways to create consistency throughout your marketing.

2. Use a Strategic Link

Instagram only allows you to post one link in your bio, so it’s imperative that you use it wisely. Consider your marketing goals and the best ways to implement them.

It may make sense to link to the homepage of your website so that your Instagram followers can get a get a general sense of what you have to offer. However, that’s not the only option, nor is it the one that may be right for your needs. Perhaps you want to link to a particular landing page that gives more in-depth information about one aspect of your company or that shares a current promotion.

Another option is to link to a specific product page or giveaway URL. The beautiful thing about your bio link is that it can change as needed. A popular strategy is to direct followers through your post to follow a specific link in your bio.

3. Add a Call to Action

Speaking of giving your followers direction, you should do so throughout your content, as well as in your bio. A simple call to action (CTA) will let your audience know what action you’d like them to take. It can also encourage engagement. People generally take well to such gentle suggestions.

It doesn’t have to be salesy or over-the-top. Simply add a statement suggesting folks visit a particular page and link it in your bio. You’ll probably see a favorable response.

4. Each Word Counts

Another aspect of branding involves the tone you use in your copy. The words you use matter, especially in a limited space such as your Instagram bio. Therefore, be sure to think carefully about how you want to portray your business.

Use a tone that reflects your brand, such as trendy, upbeat, serious, educational or fun. Take time to reflect on your choices to be sure you’ve written a bio description that fits your brand and tells visitors what they need to know.

5. Include the Most Important Information

Your bio truly is the place where people are likely to go first in order to learn about your business. These days, they often head to Instagram before even Googling a company. Therefore, you absolutely must include the most important information in this space.

There’s no room or time for fluff. Visitors will scan this area and get the information they need in an instant. Ask yourself what your most important message is. What’s your purpose, and where do you excel? How can you alleviate your customer’s pain point? What makes you stand out?

6. Make Your Bio Searchable

Keywords are important even in your Instagram bio. SEO, or search engine optimization,  helps search engine visitors to find you. You never know who may come across your profile when searching for what it is you do best.

Including SEO-friendly terms that precisely describe your product or service will get you in front of more eyes, increasing your chances of gaining loyal followers and making sales.

7. Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Hashtags are essential to Instagram use. They help users find you, and now you can incorporate them into your bio. That’s great news because it sets a precedent the minute a user stumbles upon your account.

You can use popular hashtags that are most relevant to your business to help folks find you, but it’s also a good idea to create a custom hashtag just for your business as a means of visible branding.

Placing this custom tag in your bio allows new followers to associate this visual with your brand.

8. Use Whitespace to Your Advantage

As with any copy such as advertising and blog posts, formatting is important in your Instagram bio. People have gotten quite used to scanning online content. They’re busy and in a hurry. That’s why you want to make it as easy as possible for them to discover your message when viewing your bio.

They should be able to take a quick glimpse at your copy and come away with a general idea of what you’re all about. This isn’t possible if you try to squeeze your total allotted word count into one long paragraph. Instead, make it gentle on the eyes by breaking things up.

You can whitespace simply by adding extra actual spaces between lines. Asterisks or emojis are also fun ways to give your words a little breathing room, as long as these fit with your brand style. Bulleted lists are always good, as well.

Hopefully, these tips will have you feeling confident and ready to write your own stellar Instagram bio. Taking some extra time, planning and strategy in this area will pay off big in the long run.