How to Turn Your Instagram Followers Into Paying Customers

If you want your Instagram profile to help you increase sales and grow your business, you have to treat your Instagram followers as if they are all prospects and make them want to buy your products.

1. Offer Value

To grab prospect’s attention and increase your chances of converting them to a paying (and loyal) customer, you need to offer value in two key places in your Instagram profile – in your bio and on your feed. Tell the prospective qualified audience why they should follow your content and the benefit it will offer them.

Give them a lead magnet with the link in your bio. (You can change the link as needed to go along with any offer you’re currently running.) This way, they know immediately, what’s in it for them if they decide to follow you and will boost your conversions in turn.

The posts you share on Instagram should also be filled with value. You achieve this by focusing on your unique selling proposition, or the biggest thing that makes you different from the competition and post valuable content based on that.

Another way you can offer value is to create Instagram exclusive content – that is content you don’t share on your other social media channels. Use it to reveal new products, so your followers feel special.

Use it to create an offer, such as a discount code, that you don’t release anywhere else. Launch your product or event live on Instagram, and then post the replay later on your other networks, to encourage people who follow you on other channels to follow you on Instagram, too.

2. Make Your Account About Your Audience – Not You

If the account is about you and the sales you need or want to make, your audience will feel it. If you’re lucky enough to keep the followers in the first place, chances are most of them will ignore you. Otherwise, many of them will just unfollow your account.

This means taking time to focus on what your audience needs from you, and what you can do to meet those needs. Be different from most brands that focus on their products and services. Focus on your target market instead, and you’ll be giving them value while also standing apart from what the competition is doing.

3. Engage With Your Followers

Engaging with your followers is critical for your success on social media because it shows them you’re building a two-way relationship with them. You’re listening, and you care. There are several ways you can do this.

First, make sure you’re taking the time to reply to any comments people leave on your posts. It takes a few seconds to like a photo, but taking the time to leave a comment is important because everyone’s time is valuable. If you don’t respond, your audience knows you’re not paying attention, and doesn’t have much motivation to continue reaching out to you with comments.

Take the time to ask questions. Have a conversation around your big idea. This builds trust and lets your followers know you’re looking to build relationships – not just make sales. When you ask questions, they’ll be much more likely to engage – especially if you’ve set a precedent by replying to the comments they make.

4. Make it Easy for Them to Buy Your Products

Most of the time, if people have to go through multiple steps to be able to buy your products, they’re just not going to do it. That’s why you should take advantage of the fact that you can now tag your products in Instagram photos, and people can click to buy from you without ever having to leave the Instagram platform. Super easy for them means more likely sales for you.

Your account must first be approved for shopping on Instagram, which means you must sell physical, tangible products. (If you sell services, you can change out the link in your bio as often as you need to, changing your landing pages based on the current specials and deals you’re running and direct people to the link in your bio in your caption.)

You must connect your Instagram business profile to a Facebook catalog. You can either connect to an existing Facebook catalog or use a catalog on Business Manager account that owns the Facebook Page linked to your Instagram business account.

From there, you’ll either need to create a new catalog with products or connect to the existing catalog you want to use for shopping on Instagram.

From there, you’ll be able to tag any products in the catalog in the photos they appear in, so people can click and buy. You can tag up to five products per single image post, or 20 products in a multi-image post – and use one product sticker per story. You can use the sticker with highlights, videos, and swipe up.

Ultimately, all it takes to be successful and build an engaged audience of followers who are willing to become customers is to be authentic and meet their needs. The second you make your social activity about your company and not about your audience, that’s the second you fail.

When you act from a place of concern for your audience and a desire to help them meet their needs, that’s when you will be able to earn trust and build the necessary relationships to earn revenue from Instagram.

How to Use Instagram Direct Messages to Drive Business

Instagram Direct is the direct messaging service offered by Instagram. Currently, it’s available to all users without restriction. That’s good news because it means, as a business owner, you can reach out directly to anyone who has an active account on the platform. Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t taking advantage of this valuable opportunity.

The ability to connect with your followers and customers in a direct way offers many advantages. The key is knowing how to use Instagram Direct messages to drive business in a way that provides value and doesn’t come across as spammy.

Keep reading below to learn more about Instagram Direct, its benefits and how you can use it to its maximum potential.

About Instagram Direct Messages

Instagram Direct messages allow you to communicate directly with another Instagram user. You can send text messages, photos, and videos through the service. It’s much like direct messages (DMs) on other platforms.

Businesses are using Facebook Messenger in a way that allows them to reach their customers and potential customers in a more personal way. Instagram messaging lets you accomplish the same thing. Instagram Direct can serve as a much more efficient and useful marketing approach than more traditional methods like direct mail or other forms of advertising.

You can send direct messages to any of your followers. If someone isn’t following you, it’s still possible to send them a message. The difference is that these message requests will need to be approved before an exchange can occur.

If they approve your message, you’ll be able to communicate freely in the future. Look for the paper airplane icon at the top of your Instagram home screen in order to find your Instagram messages.

Benefits of Instagram Direct

Messaging Instagram users directly lets you control the narrative. You can get to narrow down the message and target it to an individual or small group, rather than the type of post you would put out to all of your followers.

This can provide you and your business with a number of benefits, including increased sales. Social media is all about building relationships. This is particularly important for business. People respond to a more personalized sales approach in a way that simply isn’t possible through mass marketing methods.

Instagram Direct can be a convenient way to reach out to a customer. It’s easier and faster than typing up a long-winded email, and it usually elicits a quicker response. In addition, this type of communication can increase brand loyalty because the user can feel seen and validated by your business.

You can also improve your lead generation by slipping into someone’s DMs in a professional manner. You can even cultivate connections within your industry through messaging on Instagram. This type of virtual networking can prove to be quite valuable.

Types of Direct Messages to Send

You may wonder how to use Instagram Direct in a professional way that gets results. There are a lot of strategies you can use that are likely to be well-received by Instagram users. Messaging can work really well when you want to connect with influencers or find ways to collaborate with other businesses.

You can drop a micro-influencer a line introducing your business and letting them know what you like about their profile. Suggest types of collaboration that could be mutually beneficial as a way to start the conversation. You can also offer to trade services with another business that complements yours but isn’t direct competition.

It’s a win-win for everyone. If you’re an influencer, Instagram Direct can also work well for you. Pay attention to the brands that appeal to you and don’t hesitate to reach out with an introduction and initial proposal of the ways you might work together.

Your customers or potential customers will appreciate recognition or offers targeted specifically to them. Give a shout out to Instagram users who demonstrate characteristics that are compatible with your brand. Tell them you love what they’re doing.

Send an exclusive discount code to followers who consistently interact with your account as a thank you for their engagement. You can get really creative with these direct messages in ways that foster relationships and offer genuine value. When you do, your efforts are likely to be rewarded.

How to Use Direct Messages for Your Business

There are lots of ways your business can connect with potential customers through Instagram Direct. You’ll need to first find the accounts you wish to target and reach out to. Search for which users are using certain hashtags relevant to your business.

You can also do a direct search for your brand’s name. If folks are already talking about you, it makes sense to reach out to them. You may also want to find users by geographic location if that makes sense based on your product or service.

Take a quick audit of user accounts to find the best ways to approach each one. If you see someone has a lot of engagement with their followers, this person might be an influencer worth collaborating with.

Someone who has used your product would likely appreciate a discount code in return for their loyalty. They might even give your business a shoutout as a thank you. Remember, it’s all about relationships.

The key, no matter who you approach and what you offer, is that you bring people value. Strive to give them what they need or want. Remember that any interaction you have with people should be about them, not about you or your business.

That’s the best way to make genuine connections and build relationships. Once that happens, sales and profits are likely to follow. Provide more value than your competitors, and you’ll soon see your momentum building.

Instagram Direct is a great tool for connecting with people, building relationships and adding value to the social space. All of these things combined will improve your bottom line significantly.

Your followers and those who can benefit from your business will usually be pleased to hear from you as long as you approach them in a professional way with an end goal to help them in some way. Give it a try to see the results for yourself.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works And How to Beat It

In the past, visibility and engagement on Instagram were fairly easy to achieve because the algorithm posted everything in chronological order.  However, the shift away from chronological to a more complex system based on user preferences and engagement has made the algorithm harder for businesses to understand.

Here we break down top hacks to help you see everything you need to know about it so you can improve your Instagram marketing strategy and develop ways to stay ahead of future algorithmic changes.

How It Works: Predicts How Much You Care About a Post

Instagram doesn’t base your feed just on who you follow but also on who and what you like. The more the algorithm believes that you’ll like the post, the higher it will appear in your feed. This is based on past behavior on similar content and potentially based on machine vision analyzing the actual post content.

Therefore when a post receives a lot of engagement through likes and comments, the algorithm learns that your post is quality and is willing to show it to more people.

Though this explains how viral content spreads like wildfire on the platform, it doesn’t mean you have to reach thousands of likes on every post to get the algorithm to work for you. Instead, you just need to focus on creating quality content that your current and future audience will enjoy and want to engage with.

How to Beat It: Post Consistently

When you post new content consistently to Instagram, you’ll see improved engagement but also tell the algorithm that you are a quality account. The more consistently and frequently you post, the more likely your audience is to see and engage with your content.

However, when it comes to your ideal posting frequency, it depends on you or your business’s goals and the amount of time you have available to dedicate to your Instagram marketing effort.

If you start by posting multiple times a day and then transition to posting only a few times a week, your followers will start to leave you and you will see less engagement on every post.

As such, the best posting frequency for Instagram isn’t posting frequency that you can consistently maintain for the entirety of your brand’s life.

How it Works: Determines Follower Relationships

Many people believe that Instagram not only prioritizes posts with high engagement but might also restrict post-exposure based on your relationship with your followers. If you comment on a lot of someone’s posts or are tagged in photos with them, this tells Instagram that they probably fall into your friends and family category.

So both commenting on other profiles and responding to your own direct messages and comments is important if you want to grow on Instagram.

How to Beat It: Comments are Conversation

You can beat this by treating comments like a conversation – always replying and engaging with comments on your feed to alert the algorithm that you have relationships with your followers. If the comment doesn’t require a response, at least acknowledge it with a heart.

You can make sure you’re not missing anything by adjusting your account settings to include notifications about comments.

How It Works: Timeliness Matters

Instagram’s algorithm is paying attention to how long ago your photo was posted. It’s starting to care more about when you posted rather than just the content or post engagement. The algorithm always aims to serve you with the most interesting and latest posts.

It’s possible to hack the algorithm and increase your reach so you get more likes and followers by posting at a time when the majority of your followers are online.

How to Beat It: Pay Attention to Your Audience Insights

 Use your Instagram insight and activity metrics to find the times of day and days of the week when your audience is most active online. Schedule your Instagram posts to go live during times when the majority of your following is available to see it and engage with it shortly after it is posted.

This signals the Instagram algorithm that the content is popular and increases the chance that it will reach more people.

How It Works: Frequency Sorts Your Posts

Instagram uses how often you use Instagram to sort your posts. If you find yourself frequently scrolling through the platform, your feed looks more chronological because Instagram tries to show you the best post since you last visited.

However, if you check the Instagram I have less often, your food will be sorted more to what Instagram thinks you like.

How To Beat It: Change it Up

If you want to change how your Instagram feed displays itself, start using the platform a little more or a little less depending on the type of change you want to make.

How it Works: Pays Attention to Your Following

How many people are you following on Instagram? if you follow a lot of people, Instagram has more options to choose from so it’s highly likely he will not see all posts from every single account.

How to Beat It: Use the Mute Button

if you don’t think that your feed is showing you the account you want to see, you can start unfollowing them. Or, you can use the mute button to alert Instagram that while you still want to follow this person or account, you don’t want to see as much of their content. 

Engadget calls this a “soft unfollow”. Muting an account allows you to still see posts on their profile page and get notified about any comments or post you’re tagged in. it just removes their posts from your feed.

Any accounts you mute will not receive notification that you’ve needed them. You always have the option to unmute an account if you wish to see their posts in your feed again.

How it Works: Determines Your App Usage

the more time you spend on Instagram,  the more post you’ll see as the algorithm goes deeper into its catalog. If you’re only spending a few minutes each day in the app, then you’re just going to get the highlight reel from the algorithm.

How to Beat It: Change it Up

 If you want to change up the kind of content and how much content you’re seeing, you’ll need to adjust through usage up or down depending on the change you want to make.

It’s also worth noting that the Instagram algorithm determines what you see in your Instagram Stories feed, IGTV and on the explore tab. Its goal is to ensure you are presented with the content you are most likely to enjoy.

Content selection for these areas is based highly on your previous activity on the Instagram platform as well as the engagement rate of the content shown

12 Advantages of Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing began with celebrity marketing and endorsement. For years, brands of paid celebrities to promote their products for them. Why celebrity marketing may work well for a few large brands, it doesn’t scale well for the mass market.  there are only so many celebrities available, and they usually charge massive amounts of money. This puts them out of reach for most businesses.

 Another issue with celebrity marketing is that there is often no genuine connection between the product they’re endorsing and the celebrity. Why should consumers trust a celebrity’s word on a product if he or she clearly doesn’t use it themselves?

That’s where macro-influencers come in. Macro-influencers have anywhere between 10,000 and a million followers with a focus on a particular niche. Many professional bloggers and critics can be considered as macro-influencers. Though they aren’t quite celebrities, they are well known by those who are interested in their topic of expertise.

 They don’t count as celebrities but they are certainly recognized by followers in their niche. They’re busy people who can afford to be picking and choosing the products they endorse and they can get away with charging quite a bit of money for their endorsement.

For many marketing firms and small businesses, this too is out of reach. If they want to engage in influencer marketing they must work with micro-influencers. These are people who have between 2,000 and 10,000 followers depending on their niche and main social media channel.

Though they may have considerably fewer supporters than celebrities or macro-influencers, their followers are strong in their support and highly engaged.

Here are 12 advantages to working with micro-influencers, regardless of their chosen platform.

1. Better Engagement Rates

Though micro-influencers may not have as many followers as the superstars, they have a strong active relationship with their followers. The benefit of being small enough is to still be able to keep things relatively personal.

Generally, they work in highly vocal and active Niche groups with followers who regularly respond to post on social media or blogs. The supporters are often very interested in what the micro-influencer has to say and take their recommendations seriously. Micro-influencers have built up tremendous trust with their audiences

2. Higher Conversions

When a micro-influencer promotes your brand and monetizes their following, you are likely to see an increase in conversion rate. The majority of micro-influencers are experts in their niche. Whether it’s lifestyle and travel or tech and gadgets, their views on the topic are considered trustworthy and genuine by their followers.

 As a result, micro-influencers Drive the most traffic into conversions. If a brand decides to work with micro-influencers in a specific niche, there is a high chance they will attain better conversion rates as compared to working with bigger influencers across various platforms.

3. More Affordable

The vast majority of micro-influencers are relatively ordinary people who use social media and blogging as a hobby next to a regular job. Because of this, firms can generally work with them for a substantially lower cost than they can micro-influencers and celebrities.

 In some cases, brands work with micro-influencers for the cost of some free samples.

Some influencer marketing platforms provide a market for a relatively low-cost campaign. With a database of thousands of micro-influencers who have signed up on the platform, brands come up with a proposal for the influencers whether it is a free product, a discount, early access to something or small cash payment.

The influencers who wish to be part of the campaign apply and the brand chooses who they want to work with.

In this situation, your company has to pay a subscription fee to be a member of the influencing marketing platform but the cost is still substantially cheaper than paying macro-influencers or celebrities huge fees.

4. More Authenticity

The advantage of working with micro-influencers is that they are highly similar to their supporters. This is usually what makes them popular to begin. If a micro-influencer genuinely appreciates the brand, then the odds are high but their fanbase will be just as interested in the product promoted.

The issue with macro-influencer and celebrity endorsements is they never feel authentic mainly because they are always distanced from their supporters. If you are interacting regularly with a micro-influencer who has the same interests as you, you can feel their happiness, understand them, and empathize with their pain.

You believe that they can also understand you and your problems. You trust them far more than some distant person with millions of followers that you couldn’t imagine meeting in real life.

There is a catch-22 here. If an influencer accepts payment for a clearly identified sponsored post there is the danger that they lose the feeling of authenticity.

It’s up to the micro-influencers to be selective about the products they choose to promote sticking where products that truly like and are happy to receive for free rather than being paid a cash amount.

If an audience sees an influencer who is constantly taking any and all sponsored campaigns they can get their hands on, they may be turned off and choose to no longer interact with that person. If this happens, the micro-influencer loses its influencer status.

5. Long Term Relationships

Long-term relationships are more meaningful to your brand than one-off relationships. 71% of marketers say they believe ongoing ambassadorships are the most effective for influencer marketing.

The communication appears more authentic and genuine when an influencer supports the brand they have come to love over a long time rather than a couple of weeks of a one-off campaign.

What the cost of macro-influencers and celebrities being so high, it is harder and more unrealistic for brands to be able to maintain those long-term relationships that will provide the long-term impact. Micro-influencers offer a more cost-efficient approach for long-term campaigns.

6. Reach Where Ads Don’t

A lot of people have ad blockers and those that don’t are becoming increasingly ad-blind. This means they’re not paying attention to the ads that are in front of them because they are more focused on the content and experience of the social media platform.

Influencer marketing puts ads in front of the right people at the right time, as part of the native experience.

7. Reach a Specific and Targeted Audience

Because of the variety of influencers available, regardless of the audience,, you’re trying to target, someone out there has built trust with the audience you’re trying to reach.

Working with influencers gives you access to that specific and targeted audience you need, to increase sales.

8. Earn a Higher Return on Investment

Because of the increased authenticity, trust, and potential for higher conversion rates when working with micro-influencers, you can earn a higher return on your investment than if you had sunk a ton of money into working with a macro-influencer.

Plus, you can spread the budget across multiple influencers and platforms to see where your audience responds best.

9. Larger Pool of People to Work With

A report from Mention shows that nearly 16% of Instagram users fall in the micro-influencer pool. Applying that across the 1 billion user count on the platform means that on Instagram alone, there are 157 million micro-influencers you could possibly work with.

And the good news for you is that no matter what your niche, there’s someone there to work with.

10. Humanize Your Brand

Humanizing your brand is important for building brand recognition and customer loyalty. Working with micro-influencers that are just like your customers definitely adds that element.

When people connect with a company they can see as more than just a corporate office, it goes a long way toward fostering a strong relationship.

11. Expand Your Backlink Profile

This is most relevant for micro-influencers who blog rather than those who operate on social media, but the links created through influencer marketing campaigns will always help your website’s SEO.

if you receive links from websites in the same niche as your business, Google will recognize it as being a genuine link and give it some weight.

Those links from social media have less weight, if people follow the links from social media, then Google will accept it for Lindsay and your site should get some benefit from them as well.

12. There Are Micro-Influencers on Every Platform

Every platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. has micro-influencers. Some may have a large following across multiple platforms, but for most businesses, it makes sense to work with micro-influencers who focus specifically on one platform for the sake of engagement and authenticity.

There are also bloggers who have lots of traffic to their website and a trusted social media following to consider. If you’re ready to get involved with influencer marketing, start with micro-influencers. You may find that there’s no need to aim for the higher tier influencers.

11 Steps to Monetize Your Instagram Following

Instagram started out as an image-sharing app. Over the years, it has evolved into something much more valuable to marketers.

After Facebook acquired it, it grew to become number 3 on the list of the 15 most popular social networking sites with more than 1 billion monthly users. It falls behind Facebook and YouTube.

Step One: Define Your Audience

If you’re starting from the ground up, it is crucial to define the audience you want to attract. Unless you know exactly who your target audience is you could be wasting time and effort and end up attracting the wrong type of people. If the audience you cultivate isn’t in line with what you want to sell, you will have a hard time monetizing your Instagram following.

Think about what it is you want to market and sell through Instagram whether it is through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or your own products. Take some time to develop customer avatars for the various personas in your target market. The more well-defined these are, the better off you will be when trying to build your target following.

Step Two: Start Building Your Following

Whether you build your following before or after your marketing efforts doesn’t really matter. Before you can monetize your Instagram following, you have to have one. The more you have, the more you are seen and the greater your chance of turning leads to sales.

There are many ways you can grow your Instagram following. These include liking photos in your Niche, simply asking people to follow you, running contests, and running Instagram ads. it’s also important to research hashtags that are relevant to your niche and use them in your photos to extend your reach.

Step Three: Always Include a Link and Call to Action

Though you can only include a single live link on Instagram in your bio, It’s always important to include product links and links to your blog if you want to make money on Instagram through sales.

All your posts, whether they are images, videos, or stories should include calls to action with information about where your followers can go to purchase the item. Make sure to use product tags linked to your Facebook catalog to allow users to make purchases directly from Instagram.

Step Four: Create a High-Quality Feed Aesthetic

No matter how many new features Instagram adds, it is and always will be about sharing beautiful images. Nothing will encourage your prospects or monetize your account more than high-quality images.

Focus on sharing images and videos that show your followers what your brand is about and appeal to the visual senses. Tell them your brand story, and show off your products.

But beyond the individual images, think about how each piece plays into your overall feed aesthetic. Pay close attention to the colors you use as research indicates color influences buying decisions by around 85% and color increases brand recognition by 80%.

Spend some time planning your feed so you can see which posts look best to each other and which post do not. Though it may seem like a waste of time to plan, planning your Instagram feed could save you time and enhance your overall aesthetic.

There are free tools like Planoly available that allow you to drag and drop without actually posting anything until you’re ready. Once you find out where you want everything to go, you can use scheduling tools to save even more time.

Step Five: Make Use of the Right Hashtags

Hashtags help categorize and improve the discoverability of your content. Instagram allows for a maximum of 30 hashtags but it seems using 10 to 15 helps you get the maximum effect.

 While it may be tempting to use random hashtags, you’re better off conducting a bit of research beforehand to use the ones that are relevant to your post and will help you reach bigger audiences.

Remember, some hashtags even those that are seemingly innocent such as #dogsofinstagram are banned because of high spam activity. Check your hashtag list to make sure you’re not inadvertently using any that has been banned.

If you want to ensure the hashtags don’t ruin the aesthetic of your captions, you can place a few line breaks between the end of your caption and the list of hashtags. You can also include them in a comment on the post.

If you choose to do this however, it’s worth noting that images are shown based on the time they are posted rather than when the hashtags were added. This means that you will want to immediately add the hashtags in a comment as soon as the image or video is published to your feed.

Step Six: Build Relationships With Other Content Creators

As someone who is just getting started with monetizing Instagram, quality content and compelling captions are only going to get you so far. An important part of growing your influence and reach is building relationships with other content creators inside your niche.

You could always get in touch with them and ask for a shoutout on one of their posts or you could actively engage with them and their followers on their posts. Better yet you can work together with them to create content together that you can both use.

Step Seven: Choose Your Monetization Methods

 There are numerous ways to monetize your Instagram following in the ways that work best for you depends highly on your Niche and your overall go. If you are a brand that has products and services to sell, it makes sense to use your Instagram following to drive traffic to your website and promote sales there.

If on the other hand, you are an influencer, it may make more sense to focus on sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

Instead of randomly trying monetization methods with your audience, focus on what you think your audience will respond best to the next steps, we will focus on various ways to monetize your Instagram audience.

Step Eight: Offer Sponsored Posts

Once you have cultivated a large enough following to reach influencer status whether it is a micro-influencer or a macro influencer, you can leverage that influence to promote Brands. After you have established thought leadership within your Niche, you can start monetizing your Instagram audience with sponsored posts.

 Brands often partner with influencers for sponsored posts that help them spread the word about what they’re offering. Typically these posts revolve around the product itself with a small review from you.

Though it may be tempting to take every sponsored post you can get your hands on for the sake of money, it’s important to remember that doing so will cause your audience to alienate you. And without an audience, you are no longer an influencer.

 As such, you should practice moderation with your sponsored posts and carefully consider whether or not it’s a good fit for you and your audience. Your sponsored posts need to blend in with your content so there is not seen as overly promotional.

Step Nine: Use Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways to monetize your Instagram following is to become an affiliate marketer. Essentially, you are a brand ambassador for the products and services you use and believe in.

Your audience may find it helpful if you share a discount code or link within for the products you’re promoting on your page. Whenever someone makes a purchase through your link, you get a percentage of the revenue.

Affiliate marketing is a good starting point because there were any real barriers to entry. Most products have a self-enrollment program so all you need to do is sign up and they will provide you with the link to share on Instagram and other social platforms.

 The key is to use compelling copy and attractive photos that give users a reason to consider the product you’re marketing.

Step 10: Sell Your Own Products

If you have a strong personal brand and would rather not promote other companies on your page, you could always use it to market your own products.

As long as you have a strong following, you can design and sell your own products such as books, merchandise, cosmetics, and clothing. As long as the items relate to your niche and speak to your audience, you can use Instagram as a platform to sell them.

Step 11: Keep it Real

Above all, regardless of which monetization methods you choose, the key to maintaining a highly engaged audience is to keep it real.

Authenticity and transparency are important to Millennials and Gen Zers, so if you come off as nothing but a constant sales pitch, you will turn off your audience and likely decrease the chances of making any kind of money with the Instagram platform.